[chirp_users] copying from BF 3TP to BF GT-5TP

D.J.J. Ring, Jr.
Thu Feb 27 17:54:18 PST 2020

You cannot do that.

Plug in the radio, download from the radio.  Save the image file in case
something breaks.

Same thing with a different radio, give the file a different name, like
John Smith's BF3TP. Save that file. Never assume same model radios are 100%
comparable.  NEVER!

Export the frequency list you want to copy as a spreadsheet csv file.  Say
it's the BF3TP, export as CSV.

Use LibreOffice to open it up in LibreOffice Calc.  Microsoft Office will
NOT work.

Read up on how to transfer frequencies from one model to another, it's done
via the csv spreadsheets. Consider ALL img files to be incompatable. I
don't have the instructions in front of me, but I needed to tell you you
cannot directly do what you are saying, you have to use CSV files and
LibreOffice Calc.



On Thu, Feb 27, 2020, 20:32 Hugh & Sylvia Greenwood <hughgr at shaw.ca> wrote:

> I hate to bother the group with this, but here we go.  I have 2 Bao Feng
> GT-3TP units, no problem using CHIRP  to transfer between them using the
> latest daily build and the recommended configurations from the home CHIRP
> page. Editing works fine and changes transfer properly.
> But when I try to do exactly the same from the 3-TP to the 5-TP the
> cloning fails because I cannot open the panel giving access to the UV 82 HP
> configuration that is required.  I can download from the radio just fine,
> and upload to the radio, so the program cloning is talking to the GT-5TP.
> When I go to ‘file’ and get the file I want to put in the GT-5TP,  the
> system will not give me access to the proper configuration for that  radio
> because somehow it has  lost the configuration inherited from down loading
> and uploading.
> I tried using the ‘export csv’ option, with the same result.
> Sorry to be simple but I’m stumped.
> Hugh VE7MDA
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