[chirp_users] Truth or Fiction

John Kemker
Fri May 24 12:22:18 PDT 2019

Just got off the phone with a national amateur radio vendor, asking if they
had the cable for my FTM3200DR for sale.  I was told they have the cable
with the RT-Systems ADMS software, but not the cable by itself.  I told the
salesperson that I didn't need the software, that I had used CHIRP for
years and he proceeded to tell me "You know, you're not supposed to use
CHIRP with Yaesu radios...."  I cut him off before he got finished with his
statement and told him that it was an old wives' tale and not true.

That's the second time I've heard the same propaganda from that particular
vendor's sales team.

73 de W5NNH

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 9:54 AM Peter J. McClosky <pmcclosky at earthlink.net>

> While I have only programed 1 Yeasu (successful), I have programed over
> 150 Baofengs and Wouxuns, all but 2 successfully on the first try. (I am
> the unofficial "programer” for my club).
> I made a simi-brick out of 2 Baofengs.  It look a while, but I was
> successful in restoring both of these to full use.
> I find that lack of understanding how to use Chirp leads to problems in
> using it.
> (Also, and contrary to most rumors, I have never found a programming cable
> that did not work.)
> Peter, N7IY
> P.S, Before anyone says anything, the way I program Baofengs, they will
> not transmit outside of the amateur radio bands.
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> Peter J. McClosky, N7IY
> Eugene, Oregon
> pmcclosky at earthlink.net
> n7iy at arrl.net
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> On May 22, 2019, at 4:07 AM, John Kemker <kemkerj3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeasu
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--John E Kemker III
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