[chirp_users] Truth or Fiction

Peter J. McClosky
Wed May 22 06:52:28 PDT 2019

While I have only programed 1 Yeasu (successful), I have programed over 150 Baofengs and Wouxuns, all but 2 successfully on the first try. (I am the unofficial "programer” for my club). 

I made a simi-brick out of 2 Baofengs.  It look a while, but I was successful in restoring both of these to full use.

I find that lack of understanding how to use Chirp leads to problems in using it. 

(Also, and contrary to most rumors, I have never found a programming cable that did not work.)

Peter, N7IY

P.S, Before anyone says anything, the way I program Baofengs, they will not transmit outside of the amateur radio bands.
Peter J. McClosky, N7IY
Eugene, Oregon
pmcclosky at earthlink.net
n7iy at arrl.net

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