[chirp_users] Programming New BTECH GMRS-50X1

David C. Jenner
Fri May 17 19:56:36 PDT 2019

I successfully programmed a new BTECH GMRS-50X1 using my older BTECH 
GMRS-V1 as a basis.

However, it took 4 min and 30 sec to upload to the radio.  The first 
thing I did was read out the 50X1 and write back to it.  That upload and 
all since, with new entries, have taken about the same time, which seems 
excessively long?  I don't see this with other radios.

Latest version of CHIRP on Windows 10 running on Parallels on a MacBook 
Pro using both BTECH and RT Systems cables.  Comm port says it's 9600 baud.


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