[chirp_users] UV-82HP display question

Christopher Knowles
Fri May 17 12:47:40 PDT 2019

That's the first step.  Now here's where I get lost.  If you scroll up 
or down, the two won't match.  And if you scan, you'll be way off.  How 
do you keep 'em in sync?   Chris Knowles, N1CAK

On 5/17/2019 3:33 PM, Tom Balaban wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> See if this helps.
> Press the Menu button then press the down arrow or the up arrow until 
> you get the item 21 - MDF-A Channel Display, Hit menu again the the up 
> or down arrow until you see Channel Name then press Menu again then Exit.
> Do the same thing for item 22 - MDF-B Channel Display only this time 
> select Frequency.
> Now if you have both A & B set to the same channel the A display will 
> show the name and the B display the frequency.
> Good luck,
> Tom
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>> No problem Tom. I watched a guy do something like that on the keypad 
>> on a YouTube video, but it wasn't the display I had in mind. Plus he 
>> didn't explain a lot, especially which keys he pressed on the keyboard.
>> Dan
>> This Hotmail is a pain!!!! It's nothing like Yahoo!
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>> Hi Dan,
>> I may have mildly misspoke. I know it can be done manually but I 
>> think it would be very difficult, if not impossible to get CHIRP to 
>> do it. Sorry for any confusion.
>> Tom
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>>> Thanks Charles & Tom, I have tried so many combinations in Chirp and 
>>> I've also watched some YouTube videos, none of them have shown that 
>>> capability. I couldn't get it to do it in Chirp either.
>>> It sure would be nice to have that feature! Anyway, if I knew 
>>> someone that knew how to do that it would be ya'll!
>>> Thanks again,
>>> Dan Jolley
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>>> *Subject:* UV-82HP display question
>>> I have a UV-82HP, and I would like the top line to say the channel 
>>> name, and on the bottom line I would like it to show the correct 
>>> frequency of the channel I am on. Example: If I am on NOAA on the 
>>> top line I would like it to show 162.525 on the bottom line. Which 
>>> is the NOAA frequency in our area.
>>> I also have a UV-82C, UV-5R and a UV-5RTP I would like to do the 
>>> same thing to (if possible).
>>> Is this possible? I have done so many google searches and read a 
>>> bunch of articles. One man said he had his radio this way, but did 
>>> not say how he did it.
>>> I have been playing around with the Settings in Chirp and I have the 
>>> Name on the top line, but can't get the correct frequency on the 
>>> bottom line.
>>> Thank you in advance,
>>> Dan Jolley
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