[chirp_users] UV-82HP display question

Charles Hargrove
Fri May 17 11:25:01 PDT 2019

Not all models of radios can chain the top and bottom displays together.
You have to see if that is a feature of your radio in the manual.

On 5/17/2019 2:13 PM, Dan Jolley wrote:
> I have a UV-82HP, and I would like the top line to say the channel name, 
> and on the bottom line I would like it to show the correct frequency of 
> the channel I am on. Example: If I am on NOAA on the top line I would 
> like it to show 162.525 on the bottom line. Which is the NOAA frequency 
> in our area.
> I also have a UV-82C, UV-5R and a UV-5RTP I would like to do the same 
> thing to (if possible).
> Is this possible? I have done so many google searches and read a bunch 
> of articles. One man said he had his radio this way, but did not say how 
> he did it.
> I have been playing around with the Settings in Chirp and I have the 
> Name on the top line, but can't get the correct frequency on the bottom 
> line.
> Thank you in advance,
> Dan Jolley

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