[chirp_users] Help wanted for the support of the KG-UV8T...

Pavel Milanes Costa
Sat May 11 22:31:18 PDT 2019

Call for users of the Wuoxun KG-UV8T to test compatibility with the new 
KG-UV8E driver.

If you are a user of the Wuoxun KG-UV8T your help is needed to fully 
support this radio with the Wuoxun KG-UV8E model. All evidence points 
that the 8E & 8T are clones, but logs and images are needed to test that.

We need you to try to download the information from a Wuoxun KG-UV8T 
using the settings of the Wuoxun KG-UV8E in Chirp, if you success we 
need the debug.log and the image saved of your radio.

Here you can find how to get the debug.log: 

You can send your log & image attached in a mail to me via pavelmc @ 
gmail . com, or via the chirp site link (needs a registered user)  

Cheers Pavel CO7WT.

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