[chirp_users] UV-5R question

Jim Unroe
Mon Jan 21 15:47:06 PST 2019

On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 2:27 PM Keith .Yordy <keith.yordy at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I have used Chirp to setup several UV-5R units and it works fantastic! However, I was trying to setup a UV-5R with the keypad. I see in Chirp there is a setting for Duplex, but this doesn't appear to show up anywhere in the UV-5R. I have compared 462.600 simplex and 462.600 duplex and see no differences in the keypad menu system. if I was to setup a duplex channel manually, I am assuming I would have to set the offsets, etc., even though they show no differences on the UV-5R. Is there another trick I am missing?

Most Chinese radios like the UV-5R do not use or store the SFT-D or
OFFSET in the channel (MR) mode. They store the only two pieces of
data that are required to create a duplex channel: the RX frequency
and the TX frequency.

CHIRP allows you to enter the frequency data as a Frequency, Duplex
and Offset, but then CHIRP does the math to determine the TX frequency
and sends it along with the RX frequency to the radio because that is
what it requires.

When a memory channel is programmed with a  repeater, odd-split,
cross-band or TX inhibited channel, then there will be a "+-"
indication in the upper status display area to let you know the RX
frequency and TX frequency are not the same. When a memory channel is
programmed with a simplex channel, then the absence of the "+-" symbol
will let you know that the RX frequency and TX frequency are the same.

To see the the RX and TX frequencies, select a display line that has
its Memory Display Format set to FREQuency (menu MDF-A or menu MDF-B).
The frequency shown when the [PTT] button is not pressed will be the
RX frequency. When the [PTT] button is pressed the display will switch
to the TX frequency. To see the TX frequency without transmitting just
tap the [*] key to toggle the radio into "reverse mode" (an "R" will
be indicated in the upper status display area). Tap the [*] key again
to exit "reverse mode". The "R" will disappear.

Menu 25 (SFT-D) and menu 26 (OFFSET) only function and have a purpose
in frequency (VFO) mode. Because they do function in VFO mode, the
individual "+" or "-" indication in the upper status display area will
match the setting of SFT-D.



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