[chirp_users] KT7900D/QB25 driver for macOS 10.13 (Mojave)?

Patty Winter
Sun Jan 20 10:07:01 PST 2019

 Hi, Jim and Pat.
Thank you for your replies.
Jim, is it your impression that the cable supplied by Radioddity probably has one of those counterfeit Prolific chips in it? That sounds sleazy. 

Pat, I downloaded the Miklor driver you recommended and restarted the MacBook. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the "Radio did not enter clone mode" error. And I'm seeing no evidence that the MacBook is detecting the radio. There's still no USB or Serial option in the port list on CHIRP, and when I look at the /dev directory on the MacBook, there is no cu file that mentions USB or serial; just the Bluetooth and Wireless files that were already there.
Oddly, when I go into System Profiler, I do see mention of a Prolific USB-Serial Controller. I can't figure that out since every other indication is that I don't have a USB-serial interface running. It was even still there after I disconnected the USB cable.

Does the fact that CHIRP is seeing the radio but not able to download data from it mean that this is indeed a driver problem? Is it possible that there simply is no driver for Mojave that will work with the cable supplied by Radioddity? I had seen the same comment Jim mentioned about the difficulties of finding drivers that work with fake Prolific chips, so maybe I need to buy a known combination of cable and driver. But first I'll write to the Mac cable place that Jim recommended and see whether they think their driver will work in my case. 



    On Sunday, January 20, 2019, 4:43:07 AM PST, Jim Unroe <rock.unroe at gmail.com> wrote:  
Hi Patty,

I am assuming that the programming cable you have was manufactured
with and unauthorized copy of a Prolific USB-to-TTL chip. The device
driver written and supplied by Prolific (the chip manufacturer) is
designed to be incompatible with counterfeit copies of their chips.

The simplest solution to get you going should be to get an FTDI chip
based programming cable like the PC-04 from Baofeng Tech (the radio
dealer in the USA). My understanding is that the native Apple FTDI
device driver is recommended for FTDI chips. Baofeng Tech sells direct
on their website and also via Amazon, so with an Amazon Prime
membership you could have a PC-04 programming cable in 2 days.


A possible solution to use the programming cable that you already have
would be to purchase a device driver from a 3rd party. I have read
where the device driver from the link below has been used successfully
with programming cables manufactured with Prolific type chips. It
costs EUR 7.90 (about $9.00) and you would be able to download it
right after purchasing it. They do offer a money back guarantee if
their support can't get you going.


Here is their page for OS X Serial Driver Installation


Good luck,
Jim KC9HI  
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