[chirp_users] MacOS only odd Issue with Wouxun KG-UV8D+ and KG-UV8E / KG-UV8T

Fri Aug 30 00:06:07 PDT 2019

Throwing it out there to see if anyone have experienced something this strange, and specific before I submit an official bug report.  

Chirp will hang in MacOs upon successfully uploading its settings to these radios. The system will behave as if if the serial device (/dev/cu.serial) isn't being closed properly.
Killing the Chirp task will yield zombie Python processes that cannot be killed.  A hard reboot is required to restore functionality, and graceful shutdown is not possible.

I’m pretty convinced it is an interaction between MacOS and the Wounux CHIRP drivers as I have throughly try to reproduce this issue with a number of different radios,  and the hanging only happens with the KG-UV8* radios.  I was able to reproduce this issue on two other MacOS system as well.  One running High Sierra and the other Mojave.   So that rule out it is a fluke of a single machine being quirky. 

Reinstalling KK7DS R10 runtime did not help
Updating Prolific USB serial drives did not help

Other platforms tested without issues:
Windows 10
Windows 7 in a VM under MacOs High Sierra 
Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 3B

Radios tested without issues using the same systems listed above:
Baofeng UV82HP
BTech UV25X4
Yaesu FT-817

Since the Wouxun KG-UV8D+ and KG-UV8E / KG-UV8T, are based on the same parent driver codes, its likely that it is another bug Inherited. 

What I really haven’t figured out is why all of a sudden this had become an issue, as I didn’t have the hanging problem in the past.  It almost seems  like it’s something similar to a time counter related Y2K type bug.

I’ve BCCed Mr Panye since he’s probably the most knowledgeable person on this driver. 


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