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Christopher F. Beesley
Tue Oct 23 13:59:53 PDT 2018

Hi Dennis,
That's pretty much what I do with the Puxing 888. Simplex and repeaters in two groups, RAYNET frequencies in a third. I did the same with a dual-band  Baofung I owned at one time, lots of memories needed, plus more groups for CTCSS tones!
I don't like it when other Chirp users ask why anyone wants to do it differently to the way they do it, thus suggesting that their way is the only way to save and retrieve data to and from a radio, and then not answering the question anyway!
Its a long time since I did it, but my recollection is that for a CSV file any unused cells should, upon downloading from the radio, appear as just a single terminating comma, probably resulting in many long strings of commas. So new data can be entered in between the commas, but one would have to be sure they were the correct two commas. I'd be tempted to do it in Excel or similar, where the unused cells would appear as blank cells, all ready for the filling-up of by the enthusiastic radio amateur. The Excel data would have to be converted back to a CSV file before uploading to the radio.
Hope this is of some use to somebody! If not it doesn't really matter, I wasn't doing anything else...
Cheers all, Chris, Staffordshire, UK

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