[chirp_users] DCS problem on BTECH UVX2-50

Jean-Charles HUILLIER
Thu Jun 28 22:23:46 PDT 2018

Hello all,

This is not stricly Chirp related but I need you help on programming my
radios with selective DCS.

I use the radios in a car racing team and I need to be abe to talk to this
car or that car but also to all the cars at the same time.

I have made a setup which runs fine to speak to each car individualy but I
can't talk to all of them at the same time, here's what I did.

Same frequency for all channels

DCS RX specific to each car (X for car 1, Y for car 2, etc.....)
No DCS TX on the cars radios so that when the driver speaks everyone car
hear it (except the other cars of course)
I made several channels on the pit radios with a matching DCS TX for car
1, car 2 and no DCS at all to be able to talk to the other pits radios)

I'd like to make a new DCS RX on all cars (200) so that I could talk to
ALL cars at the same time but when I program it on the cars radios it does
not work, the car does not receive it.

I made a dual watch so that the car receiving radio should switch from the
"this car only" channel to the "all cars channel" but somehow it does not

What did I do wrong ?

Thanks for the help

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