[chirp_users] Issue with programming Baofeng UV-82HP

Jim Unroe
Mon Apr 23 05:35:32 PDT 2018

Hi Ernst,

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 2:32 AM, Ernst Wittenschläger
<ernst.wittenschlaeger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am using CHIRP to program in all of my repeaters into the UV-82HP.

Same here. CHIRP has supported the Baofeng UV-82HP since it initial release.

> I ran
> into an issue: When loading in the CTCSS Codes to "unlock" the repeater, the
> software will load the CTCSS code on BOTH the Receive CTCSS (R-CTCS, Menu
> 11) and Transmit CTCSS (T-CTCS, Menu 13), instead of ONLY the T-CTCS, so I
> am unable to receive any signal coming back from the repeaters.

I would suspect that is because you are setting Tone Mode to TSQL
instead of Tone.

The following are the Tone Mode options available for the Baofeng
UV-82HP (and most other UV-5R and UV-82 style radios) taken from the
"Understanding CHIRP's columns" document.

(None): No tone or code is transmitted, receive squelch is open or

Tone: A single CTCSS tone is transmitted, receive squelch is open or
carrier-triggered. The tone used is that which is set in the Tone

TSQL: A single CTCSS tone is transmitted, receive squelch is
tone-coded to the same tone. The tone used is that which is set in the
ToneSql column.

DTCS: A single DTCS/DCS code is transmitted, receive squelch is
digitally tone-coded to the same code. The code used is that which is
set in the DTCS Code column.

Cross: A complex arrangement of squelch technologies is in use. See
the definition of the Cross Mode column for details.

> Afterwards,
> when I try to change the R-CTCS to 0.000 Hz, it will automatically switch
> back to the programmed R-CTCS code when I exit the Menu.

This is because, even though the radio lets you go through the
motions, you cannot change any of the stored parameters of memory from
MR (channel) mode.

While in VFO (frequency) mode, it is possible update 3 parameters of a
memory: T-CTCS tone, T-DCS code and the TX frequency. To change any
other memory parameter in-the-field from the keypad, you would have to
erase the memory and program it back form scratch with the desired

> I have not seen in
> CHIRP a way to program EITHER the R-CTCS or the T-CTCS, there's only one
> called:TSQL, which seemingly changes both the R-CTCS & the T-CTCS

Not seemingly. As explained above, that is what TSQL supposed to do.
You would do the following to program R-CTCS only or T-CTCS only.

R-CTCS only:
Tone Mode: Cross
Cross Mode: ->Tone
ToneSql: {desired CTCSS tone frequency}

T-CTCS only:
Tone Mode: Tone
Tone: {desired CTCSS tone frequency}

To better understand how this works, review "Understanding CHIRP's
columns" document which is available from the CHIRP documentation area
(accessible from a link on the CHIRP home/wiki page).


> Is there a way where I can change my R-CTCS codes back to 0.000 Hz and save
> the setting permanently in my radio?

Technically, no. 0.000 Hz is not a valid value for CTCSS. What you
want (and probably meant) is to change it to OFF. Yes, as explained

The miklor.com website also has other CHIRP guides and examples that may assist.


> Thanks & 73!
> Ernst


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