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> Hi Brandon,
> I'm running macOS 10.13.4 and Chirp runs just fine. However, I DID get a
> message warning me that it is a 32-bit app and not a 64-bit app. With
> 10.13.4, Apple has begun notifying users running 32-bit apps that, at some
> point in the future, they will not be supported. I'm not sure what the
> plans are for upgrading Chirp to 64-bit, but at some point, without an
> upgrade, it really won't run. As to why you can't get it to run now, I'm at
> a loss, assuming that Python was properly installed.

And the correct version of Python.  2.x I think is what Chirp lives on.

If you've already installed Python3, don't worry, just install the
latest V2.x as well.   (If Apple will let you.)


Dave G0WBX.

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