[chirp_users] Alinco DJ-G7

Brandon Clark
Thu Apr 12 19:29:07 PDT 2018

Hello Group,

I'm having trouble programing an Alinco DJ-G7. The error I get is: 
"Failed to communicate with radio: invalid literal for int() with base 
16: 'NG'"

First question: Chirp supports the "Alinco DJ-G7EG", but my radio is 
just labeled "DJ-G7". Am I barking up the wrong tree and confusing radios?

I can download and upload using Alinco's software, so I'm sure the 
hardware connection is okay. The cable is an Alinco ERW-7 and Alinco 
EDS-14 adapter. Both are factory parts. The radio is new and has version 
5.100 firmware.

I found the "DJ-G7EG" on the following website and it looks like that is 
a different version of the radio. Website: 
http://www.alinco.com/Products/ham/ht/DJ-G7/firmdown.html (if you do a 
ctrl-F for "DJ-G7EG" you will find the reference.)


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