[chirp_users] Wouxun KG-UV8D Won't Open Squelch

Joe Hobart
Mon Apr 2 09:05:26 PDT 2018

Chirp appears to program the KG-UV8D (Chirp reports software version UV8DV1.05),
but received signals will not open the squelch.  I have to manually go to every
channel in the radio and change either R-CTC or R-DCS before there is audio (the
monitor button also works).  Three of these radios behave the same.  I have no
other versions of Wouxan img files.

Once I fiddle with the R-CTC or R-DCS settings the radios receive normally, but
changing 100 channels in each of 3 radios would be tedious.

Known history: These radios were purchased new, used for local communications,
and retired with broken antennas.

Chirp procedure using a recently updated Linux Mint version:

There are no values visible in the Chirp spreadsheet for CTS or DCS.

Download img file from Wouxan
Delete old frequencies
Add about 100 frequencies (copied from UV-5R file)
Upload to same Wouxan

What might I be doing wrong, and what can I do to correct this problem?

Joe, W7LUX

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