[chirp_users] Radioddity QB25 NOT QYT KT7900D

W8RGB Gary
Sun Apr 1 16:11:13 PDT 2018

All but first 4 channels are clear.

Even cleared Ch 135 at Radio  {;-(

    73  Gary  W8RGB

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Delete channel 135 and see what happens

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On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 5:14 PM, W8RGB Gary <W8RGB at live.com<mailto:W8RGB at live.com>> wrote:

The set up is Windows.

The Radioddity SW works as well as it can: reads and writes but crashes at Ch 135... Channels before that write Okay.

It is NOT a driver issue.

Why does Chirp (ver 3/31) change the Radioddity QB25 to QYT Kt7900D?  When I first purchased the radio last September, I tried to Chirp using KT7900D with no luck.

    73  Gary  W8RGB

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On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 4:58 PM, W8RGB Gary <W8RGB at live.com<mailto:W8RGB at live.com>> wrote:
> So I get one of those Radioddity QB25 radios. I was so glad to see that
> Chirp supports it!
> When I choose "Download from Radio," I can select Radioddity and QB25. When
> I select "OK," the
>     display shows QYT and KT7900D
>     the Radio Identification is successful
>     about 1/3 through the 'cloning' this error occurs...
>          Invalid header at block x1180
> What is the process for programing this radio?
> Thank you!
>     73  Gary  W8RGB

Hi Gary,

You didn't provide any details about your setup. Assuming you are
using Windows and probably purchased the programming cable from
Radioddity, I would imaging that this is a driver issue. If the
programming cable with manufactured with a counterfeit Prolific chip,
you must download, install and select the Prolific v3.2.0.0 device
driver. The driver automatically installed by Windows is intentionally
incompatible with counterfeit Prolific chips.

This page has a link to the driver and instructions for installing it:

I have multiple Prolific driver versions installed and switch between
then a will to test for counterfeit Prolific type chips. Nearly all
programming cables that identify themselves to Windows as having a
Prolific chip in them is made with the counterfeit chip. I keep the
v3.2.0.0 driver selected for daily use because it works for both the
unauthorized chip copy as well as the rare genuine Prolific chip.


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