[chirp_users] Baofeng UV5R Flashing

Jim Unroe
Wed Nov 22 07:20:06 PST 2017

> Sadly I did not pick up on any WARNINGS pertaining to this requirement
> in the various dialogues when running the cloning sequences. And, to
> boot, I didn't save an original copy of the image either (dumb, it was
> recommended).

Unfortunately many don't.

> Now I've have 4 UV5R's all literally cloned to be the same, and possibly
> not operating optimally as I have observed failure to break squealch and
> low power output on the latest 2 I've done. From what I'm guessing, only
> 1 of them has a proper flash image, and that is probably the first one I
> did.
> No idea if this situation is recoverable, but it doesn't sound good.

Yes, it is recoverable. It just takes uploading the original image.
Unfortunately it sounds like that is not avaialbe. The next best thing
it to find someone that has one from another radio with the exact same
firmware version.

> Any recovery suggestions most welcomed.

Make a fresh download from each radio and save as a native CHIRP Radio
Images (*.img) file. Then email the images to me. I will examine them
to see if I can see anything out of the ordinary and/or see if any of
the "factory" images in my collection look like a candidate for some
or all your radios (even though you may have bought all at the same
time does not guarantee they are all the same).

> Thanks, and 73, Don


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