[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5R Just transmits when connected to computer

Pavel Milanes
Tue Nov 7 08:46:37 PST 2017

I little trick I learned from experience:

Ubuntu has a deamon for handling modems, if you try to plug your USB 
cable and read/write to the radio at the same moment you usually get an 
error because the modem daemon is testing it to know if that USB-serial 
is a modem...

If you use Ubuntu or any of his favors just plug your USB without the 
radio connected and wait 10 to 30 seconds before connecting your radio 
an try to read/write to it, in this way the modem daemon got plenty of 
time to test it and discard it as a modem and let it free for you.


El 06/11/17 a las 21:48, kenn gordo escribió:
> I have a machine running Ubuntu Mate. When I connect and turn on my 
> Baofeng UV-5R radio it will transmit and will not let me use Chirp. I 
> also have a Windows 7 computer that does the same thing. Any help 
> would be appreciated.
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73 CO7WT, Pavel.

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