[chirp_users] Baofeng GT3 Mk2 - Offset display bug ?

Jim Unroe
Thu Jun 29 04:11:31 PDT 2017

This is not a bug. It doesn't matter if you program these radios using
the keypad, factory software, RT Systems software or CHIRP, the result
is the same.

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 6:02 AM, BRIAN OXENHAM
<brian.oxenham at btopenworld.com> wrote:
> Using a Baofeng GT3 Mk2 Firmware version BFB297 and programming with latest
> daily build 20170627.
> If I manually programme a channel into the GT3 for accessing a repeater
> using the HT keypad all works as expected and the repeater offsets (entered
> via menu 26) are retained.

Only in VFO (frequency) mode. Memory channels do not use or store
offsets so there is no way for them to be retained.

Review the UV-5R guide (the GT-3 is a UV-5R variant) to see when each
menu is or isn't available.

> If I use CHIRP (treating the handset as a UV5R) and upload the same repeater
> details to the HT, when I look at the HT via menu 26 again the offset
> display now only reads 000.000. However, the offsets, whilst not correctly
> displayed, are actually retained in the guts of the HT as I am still able to
> access the repeater !

This is because menu 25 (SFT-D) and menu 26 (OFFSET) have no purpose
or meaning in MR (channel) mode. Instead the RX frequency and TX
frequency are stored (the least amount of information required to
define a repeater channel). To indicate that a repeater channel has
been programmed, you will see a "+-" indication in the upper status
display. This lets you know that the programmed RX and TX frequencies
are different (as they are for repeater, odd-split, cross-band, and TX
blocked channels).

To see that the memory channel is programmed as it should be, you can
select it in a display that has its MDF (Memory Display Format) set to
FREQuency (see menu 21(MDF-A) and/or menu 22 (MDF-B) in the guide
mentioned above). Normally you will see the RX frequency displayed. If
you tap the [*] key, the radio will be put into "reverse mode", an "R"
will be indicated in the upper status display and you will now see the
TX frequency displayed. Tap the [*] key again to exit "reverse mode"
and the RX frequency will once again be displayed.

> B


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