[chirp_users] Baofeng GT3 Mk2 - Offset display bug ?

Thu Jun 29 03:02:30 PDT 2017

Using a Baofeng GT3 Mk2 Firmware version BFB297 and programming with latest daily build 20170627.
If I manually programme a channel into the GT3 for accessing a repeater using the HT keypad all works as expected and the repeater offsets (entered via menu 26) are retained.
If I use CHIRP (treating the handset as a UV5R) and upload the same repeater details to the HT, when I look at the HT via menu 26 again the offset display now only reads 000.000. However, the offsets, whilst not correctly displayed, are actually retained in the guts of the HT as I am still able to access the repeater !
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