[chirp_users] totally confused

Mark Blackwell
Sat Jul 29 16:46:11 PDT 2017

Brand new to linux, but just managed to get  Linux to run with Ubuntu on
a laptop and now trying to get Chirp.  Right now the laptop has a
problem with the networks.  It can connect to a wifi, but nothing after
that.  Will likely just try to download on another computer and transfer
Chirp over via a usb drive.  When I read the instructions though, Ubuntu
refers to something called a PPA which I do not see any information on
what it is, what it needs, and not much about how its installed.  It
gives a couple of lines of code, but have no idea where it should be

To the real pros, this probably is so basic as to be assumed knowledge,
but in my first 8 hours of linux its a bit overwhelming.

I saw a live CD, but that looks like you must boot from the CD every
time you need to use Chirp.  Is that a practical and viable way to do
it, even if linux is already installed?  Any help is appreciated.

  Mark Blackwell
  markshamradio at pobox.com

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