[chirp_users] GT-3TP Radio not responding

Jim Unroe
Thu Jul 13 10:03:06 PDT 2017

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 12:09 PM, R J Bregenzer <ke8aet at gmail.com> wrote:
> When I first tried to use CHIRP to program my new radio checked the list and
> noted
> that my radio was not on it.  So I used the GT-3WP radio notation in the
> info box thinking
> it would be close or similar since it had the same model prefix.  But it
> didn't work and
> still got error messages.
>  Recently I did some more reading and found the info about using model
>  to program my GT-3TP.  This hasn't worked either, I still get an error.
> There is also
> a note that comes up saying that the driver for the radio is experimental
> and do I want
> to continue.  I use the BF-F8HP radio in the info box then a few moments
> later the error
> box comes up that the radio is not responding.
> Is there a possibility that when I was first trying to use CHIRP with the
> GT-3WP radio notation
> in the info box, that it corrupted something in the radio making any other
> connection impossible?
> Thanks for any help or suggestions.
> R.J.  Bregenzer

The BF-F8HP is the correct model to choose for your radio.

There are two things that common cause this problem. Either one or
both could be affecting you.

Assuming you are running Windows, the #1 cause of problems is when the
programming cable is manufactured with a Prolific type USB-to-TTL
chip. Nearly all of these chips are counterfeit. The device driver
that is automatically installed by Windows is programmed to be
intentionally incompatible with counterfeit chips.

One work around is to download, install and select a device driver
that was available before the Prollific company decided to defeat the
use of unauthorized copies of their chip. Links to the driver and
instructions for installing and selecting it are here.


A second workaround is to purchase a programming cable that is
manufactured with a different brand of chip. Programming cables made
with the FTDI chip is popular for this reason. One example is the PC03
programming cable from Baofeng Tech (a radio dealer in the USA, not to
be confused Baofeng, the radio manufacturer in China).

The #2 cause of problems is not getting the 2-pin plug fully inserted
into the socket of the radio. This is particular problem is compounded
by the raised ridge around the socket well of the GT series case. It
caused interference with the 2-pin plug shell of the programming cable
that keeps it from being fully inserted. The workaround is shown here.


No programming software can work if there is not a complete and
working connection between the radio and the computer.


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