[chirp_users] Lexien VV-898/ Jetstream JT270 Channel Names.

Brian Dickman
Sun Jul 9 14:06:28 PDT 2017

It is a known issue. http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/4069

I would say it's in progress, but I just haven't worked on it in a while.
Fixing this driver for the 1.07+ firmware is on my summer todo list. Watch
that issue for updates and beta modules to test.

Brian AF7MD

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> Question:
> When programming my Lexien VV-898 with chirp, the alpha-numeric memory
> channel names get assigned to the wrong channels, always three channels
> off, channels 1,2 and 3 are assigned a generic name of A001, A002, A003 or
> B001, B002, B003 depending on which memory bank is selected. Although, the
> Ch 1 programmed name is assigned to channel 4, the channel 4 freq, offset,
> tones are correct. The radio uses the Jetstream jt270 software. Both banks
> share the same symptoms. Is there something simple I'm missing or a work
> around???
> Gary Chambers KG5TQE
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