[chirp_users] pasting an Excel spreadsheet to my Chirp page to program frequencies from it

Gary D. Schwartz
Fri Dec 8 22:12:55 PST 2017


Comma Separated Variable (CSV)a d Tab Separated 
Variable (TSV) are the most universal formats to 
transfer between spreadsheet programs, which 
includes CHIRP (and other radio programming software).

You can use Excel, etc to print it out as a reference sheet out in the field.


At 09:37 PM 12/8/2017, Glenn At Home wrote:
>Someone might suggest another rout, but I would 
>go into Excel and save it as a .CVS file, and then import that into Chirp.
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>spreadsheet to my Chirp page to program frequencies from it
>I have an Excel spreadsheet with a list of 
>frequencies, PL Tones etc. and would like to 
>program my BTECH UV-25x2.  Please advise

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