[chirp_users] Talkcoop kt-8900d

Tycen Stafford
Thu Aug 17 08:26:29 PDT 2017

Check to see if you have two ports on that radio. The dataport is in the
front if so. There's some confusion with that radio, the first version came
out with just one port on the back that was the dataport. Then a second
version came out that had a port on the back for an external speaker and
the port on the front was the dataport.

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Hello k5geb. I have a talkcoop kt-8900 it is the same as the qyt kt-8900d i
have tryed using chirp. And the software that comes with the radio i am
unable to program it with chirp or there software all help to program this
radio would be greatful .gary brewer k5geb

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