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Jim Unroe
Sun Apr 2 15:09:09 PDT 2017

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 5:37 PM, Jim McIver <jmciver at lmtribune.com> wrote:
> Purchased a baofeng uv-82c as a backup for my kenwood tk-2170. Chirp won't
> read the tk-2170 so I am trying to match columns from kenwood program to
> chirp and don't know what goes where. Where can I get help to make the
> baofeng work?
> Attached is what I'm up against. Yes, I've read through all I can find about
> the baofeng, but lack the knowledge to know all the terminology. Is there a
> cross reference from kenwood columns to chirp columns?
> I think I have rows 0 through 6 correct, but now sure about 7 through 10.
> That's as far as I've gotten. The rest of the rows came from someone's not
> in my area.
> Q? how can I leave a blank line in the chirp?

I'm not sure you are asking what you want. If you want to leave a
memory empty, don't program it.

> Q? Does kenwood QT/DQT Enc go into Chirp ToneSql?

Depends on what you want. If you want to TX a tone and have no receive tone:
Tone Mode: Tone
Tone: {the TX CTCSS tone}

If you want to TX and RX with the same tone:
Tone Mode: TSQL
ToneSql: {the TX/RX tone}

The link for section 6 on this page has some guides and references
including some CHIRP "column" guides.


> Q? How do I know if TSQL is correct Tone Mode in Chirp or should I be using
> something else in this column?

Depends. See above comment and guides.

> Q? Where do I put the 203.5 from kenwood QT/DQT Dec & QT/DQT Enc in Chirp?

Depend on if you want to TX the tone only or if you want to TX and RX
with the same tone. See above.

> thx,
> -Jim McIver

Jim kC9HI

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