[chirp_users] The VHF low band is still in use

David Ranch
Thu Sep 8 20:36:43 PDT 2016

Andy's HamRadio ISO (works on X86 PCs only) is perfect for this:


I'd recommend to install it on a larger USB stick that supports a 
read/write partition.  WIth that setup, you can then upgrade Chirp, 
configure all the other programs in there and it's all persistent.  The 
next time you boot it, everything is there as you left it.  Very slick.


On 09/07/2016 08:31 PM, Glenn wrote:
> Why not just put a distro that does work on an SD card or USB stick 
> and boot to that for using Chirp?
> Glenn
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>     Debian Squeeze does not work fine with the Chirp dailys, or I
>     wouldn't have a problem.
>     Squeeze (Deb v6), is missing a couple important utilities in the
>     libraries that are required for running 'chirpw' and having it
>     config correctly.
>     It would be a major update to get my Debian install to accept
>     those changes.
>     I'm tired of messing with it.
>     I've mostly changed over to Android for my computer activities.
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