[chirp_users] KT-8900R

Pavel Milanes (CO7WT)
Fri Jul 15 08:06:41 PDT 2016

Hi Marc,
My experience and test as the main developer of the driver for this 
radio in the interaction with other users:

1 - The band limits are encoded in a high mem area with READ ONLY 
attribute, any attempt to write to it and the radio will reset taking 
itself out of the cloning mode.

2 - One user managed to get it down (you will need pro equipment and 
soft skill to do that) and the reception was poor in 220 Mhz and the TX 
on the high setting results on a lot of heat and only 1 or 2 watts of 

Aka: it's technically difficult mod it in software and the hardware part 
is not prepared to manage the 222 Mhz band with the power dissipated as 
heat and final blowing is a high change in this situation.

My advice: sold it and get a BTECH UV5001+220 instead.

73 Pavel CO7WT.

El 13/07/16 a las 17:19, Marc via chirp_users escribió:
> I see that this radio is supported and would like to know if anyone has any experience with it?
> Will CHIRP allow permanent modifications to the band edge limits, particularly 220, as the radio is shipped 240-260 MHz?
> Will the radio operate with 220 in one VFO and 440 in the other?
> Thanks,
> Marc
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73 Pavel CO7WT.

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