[chirp_users] CSV File - No Channels Found

Tom Hayward
Fri Jul 1 09:42:25 PDT 2016

On Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Robert <robert at k3rrr.com> wrote:
> I've been using Chirp for years on several radios and have successfully
> uploaded a multitude of CSV files.
> However, I just got a new radio – the TYT TH 9800. I've already loaded
> several CSV files successfully but when I try to add a new file for just the
> AMSAT birds I'm getting an error of "no channels found." I cannot even find
> a reference to "channels" as a header, or anywhere from Uncle Google that
> answers my questions.
> I've attached the file I'm trying to import.
> Suggestions welcome,
> 73 de Robert K3RRR

If you look at your debug log, it'll give some more specific error
messages about what happened.


[2016-07-01 09:27:20,422] chirp.drivers.generic_csv - ERROR: Line 2:
[rtone] could not convert string to float:
[2016-07-01 09:27:20,422] chirp.drivers.generic_csv - ERROR: Line 3:
[rtone] could not convert string to float:
[2016-07-01 09:27:20,422] chirp.drivers.generic_csv - ERROR: Line 4:
[rtone] could not convert string to float:

It looks like it's choking on invalid data in the rToneFreq column. A
look at your CSV in a text editor shows that indeed, there aren't
valid tones in that column. You must not have created this CSV with

If you're not going to provide good values in the columns, what you
have to do is remove the column altogether. If you remove the column,
Chirp will fill in defaults. I've an attached a fixed version of your
file as an example. Notice that it only has Location, Name, and
Frequency columns. The bare minimum is Location and Frequency column.

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