[chirp_users] Data changes from "Upload" to "Download"

Jim Unroe
Sun Jan 24 16:57:53 PST 2016

Your master image is just your normal image. There is nothing
different or special about it.

1. Download from radio 1 (or load a previously saved file from radio 1)
2. Edit the tab for radio 1 as needed
3. Save radio 1 tab to "radio1.img"
4. Close tab for radio 1
5. Download from radio 2 (or load a previously saved file from radio 2)
6. Click File
7. Click Import
8. Click button that says [CHIRP Files(*.chirp)]
9. Select "CHIRP Radio Images(*.img)" from the list
10. Locate and load "radio1.img"
11. Click the [OK] button

the radio 2 tab now has the channels from "radio1.img"

12. Upload radio 2 tab into radio 2

Now radio 2 has the same channels as radio 1

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