[chirp_users] Where are the Chirp driver files in Ubuntu

Wenlock Burton
Sat Jan 23 18:30:10 PST 2016

Scrub that, I found my way there in synaptic, should have been able to get there in the the terminal but I can look at the script now
Seems to me that in:
class IC9xRadioA(IC9xRadio):    """IC9x Band A subdevice"""    VARIANT = "Band A"    vfo = 1    _upper = 849
_upper=799 should fix the error, but even when that was done it still had a problem with trying to retrieve attributes up to memory 849.
Maybe something else setting the number of memories for the memory names?
If I change 849 to 749 and save is there anything else that may need to be changed to match?
(this reminds me of messing around with BASIC on the Tandy Color Computer back in the 80s)

From: wenlock.burton at hotmail.com
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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 13:08:57 +1100
Subject: [chirp_users] Where are the Chirp driver files in Ubuntu

I'd like to have a go at seeing if I can spot the issue in the IC-92AD python script but not getting anywhere finding the files.
If anyone can give me a direction I'd much appreciate it.

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