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Robert Campbell
Sat Jan 23 11:27:16 PST 2016

Okay.... Thanks for all the help I have the radio receiving and transmitting.
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> Hello group, I am programming a baofeng UV82, this is my first time
> programming any radio using a computer. I don't know what information to
> input into the radio. The ones I am not sure about is the TONE SQL.  DTCS
> CODE,  DTCS RX CODE,  DTCS POL,  CROSS MODE and where do i get this
> information from. Thanks for any help.
> de WA5RAC


New CHIRP users should click View and enable "Hide Unused Fields" (it
is supposed to be the default). Then only the fields that are required
based on the Tone Mode and Cross Mode selections will have values.

Tone Mode = (none) always works for receive only
Tone Mode = Tone and Tone = {CTCSS tone frequency} will work for most
ham repeaters.

Visit this page for some guides and examples. Most of it is based on
the Baofeng UV-5R but most holds true for other radios.



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