[chirp_users] Icom ID-880H

Drew from Zhrodague
Mon Jan 18 07:27:52 PST 2016

On 1/16/16 1:22 PM, David Etheridge wrote:
> I have a new iMac I can get chirp to read my radio but it will not write to it I keep getting an error saying that chirp can’t see the radio but it just cloned it. I have tried two different cables down loaded the drivers and reinstalled chirp.Thanks for any help.

	I had to make sure each frequency memory was assigned to one of the 
banks before the radio would accept the upload from CHIRP.

	I suspect there is a way to force these constraints, but I am not so 
familiar with Python yet =_)

	Also, it seems you can only have upto 100 memeories per bank. This is 
from memory with my banging on it for a few days.


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