[chirp_users] Support for BTECH, Juentai & Luiton radios

John LaMartina
Tue Jan 12 06:45:57 PST 2016

CHIRP support for the UV2501/5001 is in progress.

At the risk of being off topic, here are references to your radio related questions:
UV2501/5001 Review - http://www.miklor.com/COM/Review_UV2501-5001.php
More detailed information - select the KT8900, JT6188, UV2501/5001 links at http://www.miklor.com

The specific cause of the audio concern is addressed at 
It has been isolated, does not occur on all radios, there is a workaround, and the factory is aware of issue.

- http://www.miklor.com

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A friend of mine has purchased the first two radios in the list below and I have compared them as well.

With regards to the following radios:

BTECH: UV-2501 & UV-5001
Juentai: JT-6188
Luiton: LT-898UV

Will CHIRP be supporting these radios in the near future?
I intend to buy the BTECH unit, whether it is supported by CHIRP or not.
Anyone else out there have their own opinions of these radios and similar cousins?

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