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I'm using the version and all I have is "Radio did not ack programming mode" Using the UV-B5 Profile in "download from radio" mode.

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First thing, check your USB to serial adapter, if it's a prolific clone it needs to be driver version 3.2.02 I believe. Anything newer doesn't talk to the radio. After that, make sure you upload from the radio to your computer, that will be your base file that you will modify. Look at the chirp faq page for more info, they also have the working driver for the USB cable. 

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Hi everybody!
I'd like to know if anybody here is using Chirp with the last Baofeng (or so it seems to be) the BF-UVB2 Plus.
Although it doesn't show in the list, I have tried all the radios present but haven't been able to make Chirp working with it.
Any advice will be very appreciated.

Thanks and Happy new Radio-Year! :)


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