[chirp_users] Updating CHIRP program

Dan Smith
Mon Mar 16 12:24:18 PDT 2015

> I always uninstall the old version, perhaps this is what your program is
> doing for you, or maybe it's confused because you did not?
> There should be some sort of error trapping that should say "Uninstall
> older version first".

Just to be clear, there is absolutely no requirement to uninstall the
old version before reinstalling a new one. CHIRP is not a standard
Windows(tm) program that leaves crufty bits all over the place. Also, to
avoid any sort of partial install of multiple versions, the first thing
the installer does is remove the files of the old install before laying
the new one down.

Uninstalling first won't hurt anything of course, but there's really no
reason to do it :)


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