[chirp_users] Updating CHIRP program

Michael D Earls
Sun Mar 15 17:02:12 PDT 2015

I'm still running Daily Build 20130627, which still works fine for my two

Because I wanted to play with the squelch settings and because I might want
to program newer units than mine, I attempted to install recent daily

My first attempt was chirp-daily-20150306-installer.exe. Then, I tried

In both cases, they appear to run ad infinitum, but no Run or Install window
ever appears.

>From the Q&A page:
How do I upgrade to a newer version of CHIRP?
Nothing special is needed. Just download the newer version and install it.
The install will replace the old version automatically. This applies to the
daily builds as well.

Did I choose the wrong file to install from?

Mike Earls
TSRA Life Member
NRA Benefactor Member
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