[chirp_users] Problems programming a BaoFeng BF-888

Joe abrahamson
Fri Mar 6 17:44:49 PST 2015

Well I finally got my BaoFeng UV-5 programmed with everyone's help here
using Chirp. Works great and I have done it several times.

Now using the same cable was trying to do the very same thing on a BF-888
radio. Same computer, same cable and same Chirp but I did change it to the
correct Radio Model when doing so.

When I do this the computer does not seem to see the radio and when I hit
"OK" it goes to the "Cloning"screen and a 1/2 of a second later the "An
error has occurred. No response from the radio" message pops up.

Am using the same port, same everything with no luck.

Any ideas?


Joe A
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