[chirp_users] com port driver issues with uv-82

Al Jones
Thu Jun 25 18:46:04 PDT 2015

Dale, do you have the correct cable for each radio.  I have a UV82, my
neighbor has a UV5 - the cables for OUR radios work well for our radios but
will not work at all with the others radio.  g'damn these things can be


Also noticed that there was a driver update come in on Windows update today
- we might want to make sure that it works right.



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Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I have a Baofeng UV5 which I got to work
perfect with chirp. I ordered a UV82 and can not get it to communicate to
chirp. I have downloaded the latest version of chirp, tried going back to a
older com port driver and no success. I am running win8 / 64 bit and using
driver version which is supposed to be the latest driver. When I
try to download from the new uv82 I keep getting error has occurred, could
not open port com3: {error 2} the system can not find the file specified.

I have the true baofeng usb cable.

My original goal is to clone or export my channels from the uv5 to the new
uv82 but without connecting to chirp I am lost. I have spent numerous hours
trying to search for a fix to no avail.

Please help !



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