[chirp_users] com port driver issues with uv-82

Dale Scott
Thu Jun 25 17:51:15 PDT 2015

 Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I have a Baofeng UV5 which I got to work perfect with chirp. I ordered a UV82 and can not get it to communicate to chirp. I have downloaded the latest version of chirp, tried going back to a older com port driver and no success. I am running win8 / 64 bit and using driver version which is supposed to be the latest driver. When I try to download from the new uv82 I keep getting error has occurred, could not open port com3: {error 2} the system can not find the file specified.I have the true baofeng usb cable.My original goal is to clone or export my channels from the uv5 to the new uv82 but without connecting to chirp I am lost. I have spent numerous hours trying to search for a fix to no avail.Please help ! Thanks
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