[chirp_users] Powerwerx DB-750X Programming Issue

Richard Paczkowski
Sat Jun 20 09:14:52 PDT 2015

Good afternoon and happy Father's Day Eve to all the dads out there!

I have had a PowerWerx DB-750x since February and had had a chance to play
with if off and on for the past few months. I purchased it from a national
dealer at a hamfest along with the legit RT Systems Cable and software
directly from the dealer. It's windows software and I'm a hardcore MAC guy.
I borrowed an old XP machine from my Dad, loaded the software, unlocked the
rig and did some elementary programming knowing that CHIRP also supported
this model, I gave the pc back and started enjoying the radio.

Now that I need to reprogram the rig for new memories ect, all I have is my
MAC Book Air and was hoping to use the legit cable. Well it turns out that
the third and latest version of the RT systems cable apparently doesn't
play nice with CHIRP. RT systems apparently did something to make the cable
incompatible with third party software..

Since the DB750x is just a clone of the POLMAR and Anyone rigs, I bought a
programming cable online for the Anyone model, hooked it up, and am able to
do a preliminary download of the radio, but when I go to "open up" the
channel views, CHIRP crashes whenever I try to view memory channels above
#40. (I can upload the debugger log if necessary) In addition, some of the
programmed channels aren't transferring over, and some of the data is
actually incorrect. I have tried the POLMAR, Anyone, and the PowerWerx
download options, all with the same result.

So now I stuck :( I like this radio for operation, but hate manually
programming the channels. I'm a huge CHIRP fan and have become spoiled with
how easy it is to update m other rigs. Now it looks like I am either stuck
finding an XP machine, or maybe another radio. Any suggestions that the
group could provide?

I should also mention I have tried the stable and daily build versions with
the same result. There is an RT systems "Driver" available for the MAC
which I have tried, but again their software is not MAC compatible.

Thanks in advance, and I really appreciate everyone's time!

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