[chirp_users] Issue with Umlauts

Christian Hilgers
Tue Jun 2 04:03:23 PDT 2015

Hi Tom,

took me a while to move to a daily build, but that's done now.

But nothing changed according to the Umlauts, here a screenshot from today,
you can see locations
0, 9, 10,15,16 with incorrect characters.

I assume this is related and the hook to fix it,
http://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/Model_Support.html shows
a Kenwood TH-F7 and mine is a TH-F7*E*. The characterset offered by the RIG
seems to be extended compared to the TH-F7 by 65 characters see
http://www.rigpix.com/kenwood/thf7e_thf6a_manual.pdf page 17

while trying to autodectect the Type it fails as follows
ERROR: Timeout waiting for data
E' --- --- Exception Dialog: Unsupported model `TH-F7
ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/chirp/chirp-daily-20150530/chirp/ui/clone.py", line 175, in run
    cs.radio_class = detect.DETECT_FUNCTIONS[vendor](cs.port)
  File "/opt/chirp/chirp-daily-20150530/chirp/detect.py", line 103, in
    raise errors.RadioError("Unsupported model `%s'" % r_id)
E'dioError: Unsupported model `TH-F7

ERROR: ----------------------------

I did above tests while manually set to TH-F7.  I checked the code but I am
not really used to Python, I am more the bash coder :) so I cannot attach a
patch right now.

Give me some hints or create a TH-F7/TH-F7E switch I could extend in a
local copy.

73 Christian

2015-05-18 17:08 GMT+02:00 Tom Hayward <tom at tomh.us>:

> On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 2:55 AM, Christian Hilgers
> <christian.dg7pc at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I tested chirp 0.4.1 on Debian Jessie with my Kenwood TH-F7e via
> USB-serial
> > Adapter and a serial-RIG Cable.
> > It worked very well and I could read and write data from and to the
> > handheld.
> 0.4.1 is long out of date. Best to use the daily build, currently
> chirp-daily-20150513.
> http://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/
> > It failed while reading Frequency Names like Düsseldorf or others with
> > Umlauts. I am running UTF8 on my box.
> How did the failure manifest? The only issue I know of with umlauts is
> when used in a Windows user name (and subsequently the home directory
> path), Chirp fails to run. This is a tough one, because the Chirp code
> does all the right things for UTF-8 support. We're thinking it's a
> PyGTK issue (which Chirp depends on).
> http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/272
> Each radio has a specific character set that it will accept for
> frequency names. Many radios define this in the manual which Chirp
> developers can reference to implement identical support. If the
> character set is not printed in the manual, it's a bit of a guessing
> game which characters the radio will support. Sometimes we get it
> wrong. FWIW, I'm not aware of any radio that supports UTF-8 in the
> frequency names, but extended ASCII is relatively common. Here's the
> full list of what Chirp implements for each radio:
> http://trac.chirp.danplanet.com/chirp_daily/LATEST/Model_Support.html
> If something here differs from what the radio supports, let us know.
> Tom KD7LXL
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