[chirp_users] More baofeng woes (UV-B5) (Scott Martin)

Richard Menedetter
Tue Jun 2 02:51:44 PDT 2015


> If you got me the one line patch, I was planning to get it tested and
> then submit it to be added to CHIRP.

I do not know if this is  a quick hack, but it works for me:

Go into the chirp/ subdirectory, and edit a file called uvb5.py
Add this line above the line that says "radio.pipe.write("PROGRAM")"
temp = radio.pipe.read(1)

Hope that the "new" UV-B5 will be fixed in chirp.

Also a small thing that I noticed.
On UV-R5 and BF-F8HP the radio frequency is ignored.
(Eg. you specify a value, you store to the radio, and it takes the default value instead of the one specified in the image)

> Jim KC9HI

CU, Ricsi

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