[chirp_users] IC-T70A SCAN behavior incorrect after being programmed

Nicholas Papadonis
Fri Jul 10 17:30:52 PDT 2015


I programmed my IC-T70A using Chirp daily and it programmed successfully, however I found that during SCAN mode any T SQL channel has the beep icon displayed as it’s passed during the scan.  If signal is found the radio starts beeping.  This behavior is only supposed to be in place if pocket beep is on and therefore I thought it was a programming or firmware bug.  I then used RT Systems IC-T70A app to download the memory and immediately program it back.  The beep icon and issue went away.  My conclusion is that either I’m using Chirp incorrectly to set T SQL or Chirp has a bug where it’s programming T SQL incorrectly.  I noticed that Chirp has two identical strings named “T SQL” in the drop down menu and wonder if that could be related to the issue.  Perhaps Chirp is programming the memory channel with T SQL with the beep bit turned on.

Does this sound like a valid bug?  If so, I will file it.


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