[chirp_users] UV-5R

Bob Seaborn
Sun Jul 5 16:14:01 PDT 2015

I just won a Baofeng UV-5R at our local hamfest today. Holding "3" down
while I power on reports BFB-297, however when I run CHIRP and try to read
the radio, CHIRP reports "Incorrect model selected" and I am unable to read
the radio.  However when I do the same thing using my older UV-5R that
reports BFB-251, then CHIRP properly downloads the radio data.  Has the
Baofeng firmware changed that much?  If it helps, the BFB-291 new radio has
serial 13U1006381 and the BFB-251 older radio has serial 1010024752.

The only difference on the label that I can find is that the older radio
claims 480MHz as it's upper frequency, while the newer radio claims 520MHz.

I am using the latest 'chirp-daily-20150702-win32' daily build under
windows 7 and a FTDI cable, but did try one earlier version with the same
results. Any suggestions, assistance, or help would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you for your time and effort.

*.....Bob, VE5XEF*
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