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Al Jones
Tue Dec 15 09:51:06 PST 2015

That's something I'd do - - haven't yet, but ...

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On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 9:24 AM, Bob Howard <bobby.o.howard at hotmail.com>
> /been using Chrip for couple years and have programmed Baofeng UV5 and
> I have 2 new UV82 and finilly got them to not have errors while
> data but can not get ether radio to received from the other.  Any history?
> Resolutions?

Do you realize you just forwarded your mailing list password to a
couple thousand people? You'll want to change that at every site you
use that password on.

The UV5 cannot run UV82 code, so you can't simply upload one to the
other. If you want the same list of channels on both, use the
export/import tool to export from one and import the channels on the
other. You can also copy/paste channels from one tab to the other.

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