[chirp_users] Icom ID-880H

Drew from Zhrodague
Wed Dec 2 09:52:12 PST 2015

	I'm using OSX, and having trouble withe my Icom ID-880H.

	I am able to download from the radio, but if I upload the same data I 
just downloaded from the radio, I get a CL ERR message, and it fails. 
The data is straight out of the radio, and back into the radio.

	Here's some debugging information - Any suggestions?

[2015-12-02 12:48:16,960] chirp.drivers.icf - DEBUG: Waiting for clone 
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,462] chirp.ui.reporting - DEBUG: Reporting exception
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,463] chirp.ui.common - ERROR: -- Exception: --
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,463] chirp.ui.common - ERROR: Traceback (most 
recent call last):
   File "/Applications/Ham 
line 236, in run
   File "/Applications/Ham 
line 620, in sync_out
   File "/Applications/Ham 
line 412, in clone_to_radio
     raise errors.RadioError("Failed to communicate with the radio: %s" % e)
RadioError: Failed to communicate with the radio: Did not get clone 
result from radio

[2015-12-02 12:48:17,463] chirp.ui.common - ERROR: ----------------
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,463] chirp.ui.clone - ERROR: Clone failed: Failed 
to communicate with the radio: Did not get clone result from radio
Dec  2 12:48:17 Radiobook kernel[0]: osx_pl2303(<ptr>)::dequeueDataGated 
Dec  2 12:48:17 Radiobook syslogd[47]: ASL Sender Statistics
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,476] chirp.ui.clone - DEBUG: Clone thread ended
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,477] chirp.ui.reporting - DEBUG: Reporting model 
usage: Icom_ID-880H,upload,True
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,478] chirp.ui.reporting - DEBUG: Reporting exception
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,478] chirp.ui.inputdialog - ERROR: --- Exception 
Dialog: Failed to communicate with the radio: Did not get clone result 
from radio ---
[2015-12-02 12:48:17,478] chirp.ui.inputdialog - ERROR: Traceback (most 
recent call last):
   File "/Applications/Ham 
Radio/chirp-daily-20151201.app/Contents/MacOS/../Resources/chirp/chirpw", line 
74, in <module>
     os.putenv("LANG", langs[0])
IndexError: list index out of range

[2015-12-02 12:48:17,478] chirp.ui.inputdialog - ERROR: 


Drew from Zhrodague
post-apocalyptic ad-hoc industrialist
drew at zhrodague.net

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