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John W.
Tue Dec 1 13:59:41 PST 2015

now, is this the model designed to work on 220?  If this is the 2 meter 440 version, watch out!  You may be transmitting a full power 440 harmonic when you transmit on 220!  These "software mods" do not take into consideration the intenal bandpass filters and such.
The TYT software is designed to program both versions of radio.  It doesn't know if you have the 220 version or the 440 version.  Just because the software can program it, it does not make the radio "tri band".
If you DO have the 220 version, feel free to tell me to go sit in the corner.  

Have you selected the proper comm port that the cable is plugged into?
Also, sometimes, if you use different USB ports, things get discombobulated.  It is best to always use the same physical USB port so that Windows doesn't try to reload drivers when you use a different port.
Sometimes you have to go in and wipe all your comm ports and start fresh.  Windows increments the comm port number at each install and can really gum up the works.

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I just purchased a TYT ThUV3R with the idea of using it for 220. It seems that the only way to activate the 220MHZ functions is to program it using the manufactures software. I down loaded verion of the prolific driver and the manufactures software but when I try to access the radio, I will see the RW--COM displayed on the radio and I get a message the tells me to check the cables. However, I can program the radio using the latest daily CHIRP software without any problem, but it will not program the 220MHZ range. I realize this is the chirp group but I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion as to how to make this all work.
 Rick Hanzlik N7NGK Sandy, Ut
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