[chirp_users] TYT programing software

Rick Hanzlik
Tue Dec 1 12:21:47 PST 2015

I just purchased a TYT ThUV3R with the idea of using it for 220. It seems that the only way to activate the 220MHZ functions is to program it using the manufactures software. I down loaded verion of the prolific driver and the manufactures software but when I try to access the radio, I will see the RW--COM displayed on the radio and I get a message the tells me to check the cables. However, I can program the radio using the latest daily CHIRP software without any problem, but it will not program the 220MHZ range. I realize this is the chirp group but I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion as to how to make this all work.
 Rick Hanzlik N7NGK Sandy, Ut
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